Looking for licensed in-home child care?

Please call or e-mail one of the referral people listed below in the appropriate area.

If you are unsure of your referral person or have any questions, please contact Kirstie Olson or Lori Abrahamson.


Terry Puro
Phone: 763-434-3307
Email: stpuro@gmail.com

Anoka, Ramsey

Lori Abrahamson*
Phone: 763-427-3229
Email: sharingfriendsdc@aol.com
* Referral Consultant

Sharon Loscheider
Phone: 763-753-4231
Email: sparkylosc@comcast.net

Heidi Frasz
Phone:  763-421-9451

Bethel, Cedar, E. Bethel, St. Francis & Oak Grove

Brianna Picotte
Phone: 763-337-1902
Email: bkpicotte0727@gmail.com

Blaine, Ham Lake, McKinley, Columbus

Kirstie Olson*
Phone: 763-300-7182
Email: kirstieolson@comcast.net
* Referral Consultant

Centerville, Circle Pines, Lexington, Lino Lakes

Debbie Evans
Phone: 651-482-1608
Email: debbieevans43@yahoo.com

Coon Rapids

Rose Larson
Phone: 763-754-6260
Email: rosesromperroom@comcast.net

Fridley, Columbia Heights

Anna Pribula
Phone: 763-571-6433
Email: caapribula@gmail.com